Wednesday, March 31, 2010


1. MUSIC: Recording back in the day used to sometimes take 6 days for one song! If the guitar player messed up but the vocalist was perfect they would have to do the whole thing again. So they had the best of the best and when the band AND the singers got it right it was musical magic!
2. FRIENDS: TREASURE the ones that are truly yours cuz they come too far and few in between.
3. MATTERS OF THE HEART: When its RIGHT and not MR RIGHT NOW you'll know:)


Whenever I need inspiration I am GUARANTEED to find it listening to his catalog. He never fails in terms of delivering his heart and soul thru his music. He is a true visionary and artist and I respect that because a lot of these artists today are just handed hit records and they have no clue or internal instinct on what good music and being a real artist is... so I bow down to Kanye for being who he is, being passionate, not giving a fuck and being a genius!

These are the words I must constantly tell myself:) But what happens when things, people and life try to get the best of you?
Instead of being on here every once in a while, Im gonna TRY my best to use this blog as my own personal therapy. Sometimes thats hard because being looked at and judged by the public, I am aware of what I say and the things I do and I cant always be happy and smiling ALL the time even though I am 90% :) and to top it off Im MAD private. But I find a certain comfort in being able to turn to our fans and friends cuz yall always show me love and I appreciate it ... with that being said, Im focusing on not worrying so much and just going with life's flow. My blessings have been countless and I am thankful!!!