Friday, May 21, 2010



So the other day I was doing a little bit of household shopping in Target (gotta love that store for the tids and bits you can find) and I saw an African American female shopper with a terrible wig on;/. Picture this if you will... strawberry blond, synthetic, natted up BEYOND belief in sections and all the way down her back, with some bangs. This lady sashayed down the aisles with so much confidence flipping that hair from side to side and it was obvious she thought her hair do was "the shit". I had to stop and ask myself why do African American women in particular put sooo much emphasis on the hair we have on top of our head? This poor lady clearly had poor sense of judgement and nobody around her to tell her that that wig was NOT it. I'm really not trying to clown her or judge her either it just made me realize that having hair down to her back (whether it was hers or not) made that woman feel a certain way.

...cut to two days later, I went to check out the movie "BABIES". a Documentary about four different cultures: Mongolian, African, American and Japanese. Four babies from four different parts of the world and how they were raised. I could help but notice that the poorest family being the Africans, they barely had a hut or ANYTHING for that matter but the females spent most of their day doing each others hair???? WHERE DID THEY GET HAIR FROM to make these extentions when the babies didn't even have diapers or shoes or clothing???? It bugged me out to say the least but even in a society where they had NOTHING, HAIR was still a major priority for them. Long Hair Don't Care!!!