Wednesday, November 4, 2009


1. Englishman in New York...Sting
2. Tanto Tempo... Bebel Gilberto
3. X & Y... Coldplay
4. Soft Upon The Lips... Kaskade
5. Dub in Ya Mind... Afterlife
6. Water Get No Enemy... Fela Kuti
7. In My Place... Coldplay
8. Adios Ayer... Jose Padilla
9. Surrender... Kaskade
10. Homelands... Nitin Sawhneny

These are just some of my favorites but I have loads more. I listen to these when Im cleaning up or taking my drives to Malibu cuz it just feels right:) Hope you enjoy
25 Random Things About Me

I did this a while ago on Facebook and it was fun. Since Im up at 4 something in the morning I figured it would be fun to explore again, so here goes:)

1. In the night time I come alive, I love the still silence that surrounds me and my thoughts run mom and dad used to call me haunted :) but I think I just enjoy the darkness as much as I love the sun.
2. The right playlist could really get you into some trouble...heehee
3. I dress according to how I feel...I never need to follow trends, I create my own!
4. Friendship and Family are the closest things to my heart.
5. I play my music REALLY loud, especially when Im in my car... it's the best.
6. I'll know that I almost made it when Im pushin my Bentley:)
7. I plan on winning a Grammy AND an Oscar!
8. I love honest, genuine people... they come far and few in between, so when I come across them I treasure them.
9. I love Ketchup!!!
10. I prefer to eat somewhere exclusive and chill maybe go see a movie instead of going to the club and watchin folks get bent, thats just not fun to me.
11. I own over 200 pairs of sneakers:/ I might have a sliiiiight addiction???
12. I don't drink coffee or starbucks much BUT around the holidays I GO IN for their eggnog lattes, and chai lattes....mmmm mmmm gooood!
13. I carry lil momentos in my purse... they make me feel safe: A lil ornament of an angel my mom gave me, a miniature horse shoe my dad gave me, another silver angel Sarah's mom gave me, and a baby kermit puppet :) I like kermmie too... last but not least my bible.( YES my purse is mad heavy)
14. One of my dreams is to be able to call my longtime friends from BK and tell them to hop on a plane and meet me someplace in the South of France to kick it, all expenses paid for... just hop on the plane!!! yeaaaa buddy!!!
15. I love to kiss a great kisser;)
16. Im not secretive Im just private... there's a difference.
17. When I love a song I could listen to it over and OVER again.
18. I looooove falling in love but I hate getting my heart broken.
19. I adore dogs and cats but i'm allergic to most :( when I'm done being a rockstar I want a 2 dogs... a lil maltipoo and a big rockwilder.
20. I am a true pancake, french toast and crepe connoisseur.
21. I feel a certain closeness to our fans, I sincerely adore them.
22. While I thought of these 25 random things I listened to "Say Something" by Drake on repeat the whole time ( can u tell how much I like that song )
23. Im a neat freak.
24. I like making people smile, cuz i smile a lot... it's contagious:)
25. I just wanna be successful!