Wednesday, September 29, 2010


Hi Friends!!! Its been way too long, so sorry, but Im slowly getting back into it. I've had my hand in a couple of different things lately so to be honest its been really hard trying to keep track and manage it all!!! So please forgive me.... I look forward to sharing some new things with you in the coming weeks, so thanks for the continuous support and love always....Im back!!!!! xoxo

Have you ever felt like this?

Just for clarity: I don't mean contimplaiting your inevitable splatter on the Rockies, but more of "how the fuck did I get up here and where is my exit buddy?" lol

Life has such a sense of humor sometimes. Thank goodness I like to smile and laugh a lot so we get along great :), but I am constantly trying to analyze it and I find myself asking "Now what?" Now that I've climbed so far up that I can't even remember how I got up here, where do I go now? Things seem risky and dangerous, lots of unknowns...but the more you push yourself to go further you find yourself in a very special place Im finding. A place where not everyone is built to go and experience, that's one of the reasons why its so special. So marvel in the experience and take risks! I sure as hell am gonna have a lot of stories to share with my kids and grandkids. The best part of the story will be where I dared myself to go next!!


Lets take a sec to discuss one of the latest trends: Big Booty Hoes! :) Its the next big thing since fake titties. BUT the kidz are going wayyyyyy over board don't ya think:/ So what happens when gravity takes over and the implants start to head south? What does it feel like??? Inquiring minds wanna know :). I gotta remember to ask my male friends for the quick, quick info:) Cuz it just does seem right?? Disclaimer: Im not hating or judging anyone Im merely expressing my bafflement (is that a word?) for the the latest craze.

I realized the way your eyes deceived me
Those tender looks that I mistook for love
So take away those flowers that you gave me
And send the kind that you remind me of...
Paper Roses, Paper Roses
Oh How sweet those roses seemed to be
But they're only imitation
Like that imitation love for me

Dedicated to all my ex shoobies...twizzy

So I was driving in my car and this Reggae song came on called "Some Guys" and the bridge of the song is the quote above... definitely made me reflect for a quick second and made me realize how thankful I am to not have anything fake and misleading in my life and appreciate what's REAL!


OK so its the ending of September...the 29th to be exact, and two days ago it was 118 degrees here in LaLa Land!!!! WTF????????? It was so hot I swear satan was vacationing in my backyard. :/ Being the caribbean gal that I am, I always welcome the toasty hot and bothered temperatures but this was just unbareable!! I think I stayed still, butt naked all day with the a/c on full blast and it was still just too hot! Luckily for those of us who live here, its started to easy up on us, so today its only 98 degrees:). I love being able to have an excuse for wearing minimal clothing, (giggles) ...Im sure the weather will not stay like this too much longer and then I will be looking like the pic posted above...til then, Im gonna enjoy it while it lasts!:)

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Today is Day 2 of my Detox and it was a little challenging only because I didn't have enough meals...meaning salads. The first 4 days of the detox are usually the toughest because your body is adjusting to the lack of regular food. I do have a lot of energy thou as long as I keep on feeding the beast:) Whether it be almonds, granola, salads or fruit. I detox because it challenges me mentally and puts me in such a focused zone that I usually feel incredible once I complete it. It lasts 21 days so its only the beginning:/ ...I will try to give updates here and there...Today was a six for me!

Sunday, July 11, 2010


Have you ever had something so special that you couldn't imagine your life without it? Was it a sentimental keepsake, a bond with a family member or a significant other? As I take this crazy journey thru this thing called "Life" its amazing how people and things that are special to me light up like little neon signs. These signs help me find my way down dark roads and they bring light and a certain warmth to an otherwise cold place. Im so thankful for the many special things and people in my life. These things and people are rare and thats precisely what makes them special! I just wanted to say Im thankful for the things and people that are special to me in my life.


I had to give a special acknowledgement to all the cancers out there. Not to say that any of the other signs in the zodiac aren't as special but Cancers hold a dear place in my heart. My best friend happens to be a cancer, most of my ex boyfriends were cancers:), and some of my closest friends are cancers. They are sensitive, caring people that go above and beyond for the ones they love and I appreciate those who are in my life and the ones who filled my heart in the past. So with that being said, continue to shine and make this world a better place!!! Happy Smurfday Cancers!!!

Friday, May 21, 2010



So the other day I was doing a little bit of household shopping in Target (gotta love that store for the tids and bits you can find) and I saw an African American female shopper with a terrible wig on;/. Picture this if you will... strawberry blond, synthetic, natted up BEYOND belief in sections and all the way down her back, with some bangs. This lady sashayed down the aisles with so much confidence flipping that hair from side to side and it was obvious she thought her hair do was "the shit". I had to stop and ask myself why do African American women in particular put sooo much emphasis on the hair we have on top of our head? This poor lady clearly had poor sense of judgement and nobody around her to tell her that that wig was NOT it. I'm really not trying to clown her or judge her either it just made me realize that having hair down to her back (whether it was hers or not) made that woman feel a certain way.

...cut to two days later, I went to check out the movie "BABIES". a Documentary about four different cultures: Mongolian, African, American and Japanese. Four babies from four different parts of the world and how they were raised. I could help but notice that the poorest family being the Africans, they barely had a hut or ANYTHING for that matter but the females spent most of their day doing each others hair???? WHERE DID THEY GET HAIR FROM to make these extentions when the babies didn't even have diapers or shoes or clothing???? It bugged me out to say the least but even in a society where they had NOTHING, HAIR was still a major priority for them. Long Hair Don't Care!!!

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Hollywood: City of Lost Angels
I don't wanna get too deep with this but hear me out... ME= grounded, humble, hard working, honest, loyal, real, cultured, creative, intelligent HOLLYWOOD= flighty: one day people are cool with you the next day they don't even know your name. Conceited: its all about the facade! Half of the folks out here are faking the life they really want to live. Easy way out: people would rather sit on their ass than actually bust a lil sweat to accomplish things. Liars: lies, lies and fairytales!!!! Disloyal: smile in your face and be the first person to betray you. Fake: everything from titties to asses are all fake. Uncultured: culture just doesn't exist out here?? Lame: rarely do you find people with an actual clue concerning style, game and just swagger. Stupid: if you come from a city like NY people are just see thru out here. DISCLAIMER: Im finding that most LA born and raised natives are NOT the people with these issues, its the damn transplants!!!
My POINT in saying all of this is its hard from time to time to ignore these type of surroundings because Im in this crazy industry where I have to deal with these type of people on a day to day basis. Its draining to my soul sometimes but I do know that Im here for a reason, a damn good one at that! So I find my peace when the sun shines and warms my heart (which is almost everyday:), when I conquer that canyon, when I go to church and feel the love, and when I meet precious special people that are NOT any of those characteristics above...those are the true angels to me, everyone else is just lost!

Harlow Gold Burlesque Show

Ok kids if you live in LA you need to check this show out...STUPIDITY!!!! And one of my best friends is the token chocolate chip and she's a baddddddd bitch aka 5 star puss...but for real! Its absolutely entertaining and creative and classy. OPening Night is Thursday, April 22nd at 10pm. Tickets are 10 bucks and its at Harvelles 1432 4th Street ( 4th and Broadway) right off of the 10 freeway Santa Monica, CA 90401.....come out and have a cocktail or too, its gonna be fabulous and sexy!!!


Yoooooooo!!!! I loved this movie!!!! Hit Girl is the best thing out and I was living for Big Daddy:) This film was a breathe of fresh air to me, not your typical dramedy type film. I expected it to be full of jokes (which it was) but not in your convention make your stomach hurt cuz you laughed so much type of way. It was real silly but the characters were soooo committed in their roles I thought it was brilliant. So if you need a quick escape from reality, go see this!!!
Hello Friends... Hello Lovas...

Shall I Share what I've been feeling the past couple of days:
So first of all I just baked the most incredible BBQ chicken so Im smackin in between writing this:) its great! lol
I FINALLY completed an art piece I had been working on and Im soooo pleased with the way it came out. I finished those blasted 2008 AND 2009 taxes!!! geeeshhh...that shit was wearing me thin!!!
I've been running on fumes cuz I've had sooo much regular life shit to do along with my Electrik Red goals for world domination I was a bit over-welmed the past couple of weeks:( hence my noticeable absence from twitter and the blogs, etc. It all boils down to there just isn't enough freakin time in the day!!!! :) seriously yall...I def consider myself sometype of rare breed of super hero but dammmmn a bitch could use some help every now and then:)...anywho, Im not complainin' Im smiling even when I want to frown and being grateful for all that I have!

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Look who made the cover of a Mag!!!!


This pic made me think of this song
"Bang bang, he shot me down
Bang bang, I hit the ground
Bang bang, that awful sound
Bang bang, my baby shot me down..."

Hope the Easter Bunny is good to You!!!


The transition into this month has been a bit turbulent for me, I STILL have taxes to do, uggghhh and a couple of projects that I need to complete ASAP. So I feel like I have two monkeys on my back:) in addition to being in the studio and rehearsals (normal ER stuff) its just been challenging to balance it all. So my goal for this month is to finish my taxes before April 15th!! Finish my projects (one of them is a drawing) and find a better way to balance it all!!! So here we go...

Wednesday, March 31, 2010


1. MUSIC: Recording back in the day used to sometimes take 6 days for one song! If the guitar player messed up but the vocalist was perfect they would have to do the whole thing again. So they had the best of the best and when the band AND the singers got it right it was musical magic!
2. FRIENDS: TREASURE the ones that are truly yours cuz they come too far and few in between.
3. MATTERS OF THE HEART: When its RIGHT and not MR RIGHT NOW you'll know:)


Whenever I need inspiration I am GUARANTEED to find it listening to his catalog. He never fails in terms of delivering his heart and soul thru his music. He is a true visionary and artist and I respect that because a lot of these artists today are just handed hit records and they have no clue or internal instinct on what good music and being a real artist is... so I bow down to Kanye for being who he is, being passionate, not giving a fuck and being a genius!

These are the words I must constantly tell myself:) But what happens when things, people and life try to get the best of you?
Instead of being on here every once in a while, Im gonna TRY my best to use this blog as my own personal therapy. Sometimes thats hard because being looked at and judged by the public, I am aware of what I say and the things I do and I cant always be happy and smiling ALL the time even though I am 90% :) and to top it off Im MAD private. But I find a certain comfort in being able to turn to our fans and friends cuz yall always show me love and I appreciate it ... with that being said, Im focusing on not worrying so much and just going with life's flow. My blessings have been countless and I am thankful!!!

Monday, February 22, 2010


Ive always known I had a problem but one morning I woke up, took a stroll thru my house while I gathered my thoughts for the day ahead and looked around and it looked like a fun dip massacre! I went thru a box of 24 fun dips in 2 days... completely ashamed of myself and in shock that it was that easy for me to do! It didn't stop there either, I went and bought a huge bag of smarties to put in a crystal bowl "for decoration" and "guests" if they cared for something sweet...Lo and behold I dusted that whole bag off too!!! Realizing that I was COMPLETELY out of control I needed to stop and wasnt sure how. The next day it happened to be Ash Wednesday, and because I was brought up as a Catholic I decided to participate and give up something for Lent. BING!!! The light bulb went off in my head, GOD is probably the ONLY thing that could force me to pull myself together and stop the nonsense!!! you will all be happy to know that I have been candy free for the past five days.:)




Hi my lovelies:) What the hell was I thinking??? Its been soo long since I last blogged...I guess Life kinda took over a little bit...NO EXCUSE I apologize for the true and dedicated followers for my incognegroness....IM BACKKKKKKKK!