Sunday, July 11, 2010


Have you ever had something so special that you couldn't imagine your life without it? Was it a sentimental keepsake, a bond with a family member or a significant other? As I take this crazy journey thru this thing called "Life" its amazing how people and things that are special to me light up like little neon signs. These signs help me find my way down dark roads and they bring light and a certain warmth to an otherwise cold place. Im so thankful for the many special things and people in my life. These things and people are rare and thats precisely what makes them special! I just wanted to say Im thankful for the things and people that are special to me in my life.


I had to give a special acknowledgement to all the cancers out there. Not to say that any of the other signs in the zodiac aren't as special but Cancers hold a dear place in my heart. My best friend happens to be a cancer, most of my ex boyfriends were cancers:), and some of my closest friends are cancers. They are sensitive, caring people that go above and beyond for the ones they love and I appreciate those who are in my life and the ones who filled my heart in the past. So with that being said, continue to shine and make this world a better place!!! Happy Smurfday Cancers!!!