Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Hollywood: City of Lost Angels
I don't wanna get too deep with this but hear me out... ME= grounded, humble, hard working, honest, loyal, real, cultured, creative, intelligent HOLLYWOOD= flighty: one day people are cool with you the next day they don't even know your name. Conceited: its all about the facade! Half of the folks out here are faking the life they really want to live. Easy way out: people would rather sit on their ass than actually bust a lil sweat to accomplish things. Liars: lies, lies and fairytales!!!! Disloyal: smile in your face and be the first person to betray you. Fake: everything from titties to asses are all fake. Uncultured: culture just doesn't exist out here?? Lame: rarely do you find people with an actual clue concerning style, game and just swagger. Stupid: if you come from a city like NY people are just see thru out here. DISCLAIMER: Im finding that most LA born and raised natives are NOT the people with these issues, its the damn transplants!!!
My POINT in saying all of this is its hard from time to time to ignore these type of surroundings because Im in this crazy industry where I have to deal with these type of people on a day to day basis. Its draining to my soul sometimes but I do know that Im here for a reason, a damn good one at that! So I find my peace when the sun shines and warms my heart (which is almost everyday:), when I conquer that canyon, when I go to church and feel the love, and when I meet precious special people that are NOT any of those characteristics above...those are the true angels to me, everyone else is just lost!

Harlow Gold Burlesque Show

Ok kids if you live in LA you need to check this show out...STUPIDITY!!!! And one of my best friends is the token chocolate chip and she's a baddddddd bitch aka 5 star puss...but for real! Its absolutely entertaining and creative and classy. OPening Night is Thursday, April 22nd at 10pm. Tickets are 10 bucks and its at Harvelles 1432 4th Street ( 4th and Broadway) right off of the 10 freeway Santa Monica, CA 90401.....come out and have a cocktail or too, its gonna be fabulous and sexy!!!


Yoooooooo!!!! I loved this movie!!!! Hit Girl is the best thing out and I was living for Big Daddy:) This film was a breathe of fresh air to me, not your typical dramedy type film. I expected it to be full of jokes (which it was) but not in your convention make your stomach hurt cuz you laughed so much type of way. It was real silly but the characters were soooo committed in their roles I thought it was brilliant. So if you need a quick escape from reality, go see this!!!
Hello Friends... Hello Lovas...

Shall I Share what I've been feeling the past couple of days:
So first of all I just baked the most incredible BBQ chicken so Im smackin in between writing this:) its great! lol
I FINALLY completed an art piece I had been working on and Im soooo pleased with the way it came out. I finished those blasted 2008 AND 2009 taxes!!! geeeshhh...that shit was wearing me thin!!!
I've been running on fumes cuz I've had sooo much regular life shit to do along with my Electrik Red goals for world domination I was a bit over-welmed the past couple of weeks:( hence my noticeable absence from twitter and the blogs, etc. It all boils down to there just isn't enough freakin time in the day!!!! :) seriously yall...I def consider myself sometype of rare breed of super hero but dammmmn a bitch could use some help every now and then:)...anywho, Im not complainin' Im smiling even when I want to frown and being grateful for all that I have!