Wednesday, September 29, 2010


Hi Friends!!! Its been way too long, so sorry, but Im slowly getting back into it. I've had my hand in a couple of different things lately so to be honest its been really hard trying to keep track and manage it all!!! So please forgive me.... I look forward to sharing some new things with you in the coming weeks, so thanks for the continuous support and love always....Im back!!!!! xoxo

Have you ever felt like this?

Just for clarity: I don't mean contimplaiting your inevitable splatter on the Rockies, but more of "how the fuck did I get up here and where is my exit buddy?" lol

Life has such a sense of humor sometimes. Thank goodness I like to smile and laugh a lot so we get along great :), but I am constantly trying to analyze it and I find myself asking "Now what?" Now that I've climbed so far up that I can't even remember how I got up here, where do I go now? Things seem risky and dangerous, lots of unknowns...but the more you push yourself to go further you find yourself in a very special place Im finding. A place where not everyone is built to go and experience, that's one of the reasons why its so special. So marvel in the experience and take risks! I sure as hell am gonna have a lot of stories to share with my kids and grandkids. The best part of the story will be where I dared myself to go next!!


Lets take a sec to discuss one of the latest trends: Big Booty Hoes! :) Its the next big thing since fake titties. BUT the kidz are going wayyyyyy over board don't ya think:/ So what happens when gravity takes over and the implants start to head south? What does it feel like??? Inquiring minds wanna know :). I gotta remember to ask my male friends for the quick, quick info:) Cuz it just does seem right?? Disclaimer: Im not hating or judging anyone Im merely expressing my bafflement (is that a word?) for the the latest craze.

I realized the way your eyes deceived me
Those tender looks that I mistook for love
So take away those flowers that you gave me
And send the kind that you remind me of...
Paper Roses, Paper Roses
Oh How sweet those roses seemed to be
But they're only imitation
Like that imitation love for me

Dedicated to all my ex shoobies...twizzy

So I was driving in my car and this Reggae song came on called "Some Guys" and the bridge of the song is the quote above... definitely made me reflect for a quick second and made me realize how thankful I am to not have anything fake and misleading in my life and appreciate what's REAL!


OK so its the ending of September...the 29th to be exact, and two days ago it was 118 degrees here in LaLa Land!!!! WTF????????? It was so hot I swear satan was vacationing in my backyard. :/ Being the caribbean gal that I am, I always welcome the toasty hot and bothered temperatures but this was just unbareable!! I think I stayed still, butt naked all day with the a/c on full blast and it was still just too hot! Luckily for those of us who live here, its started to easy up on us, so today its only 98 degrees:). I love being able to have an excuse for wearing minimal clothing, (giggles) ...Im sure the weather will not stay like this too much longer and then I will be looking like the pic posted above...til then, Im gonna enjoy it while it lasts!:)