Wednesday, September 29, 2010


Lets take a sec to discuss one of the latest trends: Big Booty Hoes! :) Its the next big thing since fake titties. BUT the kidz are going wayyyyyy over board don't ya think:/ So what happens when gravity takes over and the implants start to head south? What does it feel like??? Inquiring minds wanna know :). I gotta remember to ask my male friends for the quick, quick info:) Cuz it just does seem right?? Disclaimer: Im not hating or judging anyone Im merely expressing my bafflement (is that a word?) for the the latest craze.

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  1. LOL! Well I have a flat butt so I think the butt implant wouldn't be a bad thing for me but then surgery is far as these panties that make your butt look bigger I think it can be a set up for complete embarrassment and is a stupid idea...besides the fact you might have a lopsided booty what if you forget you have that thing on when you are with someone intimately...LMAO deception and a major turn off I'm sure...And I think you could say baffled...or it baffles you!