Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Have you ever felt like this?

Just for clarity: I don't mean contimplaiting your inevitable splatter on the Rockies, but more of "how the fuck did I get up here and where is my exit buddy?" lol

Life has such a sense of humor sometimes. Thank goodness I like to smile and laugh a lot so we get along great :), but I am constantly trying to analyze it and I find myself asking "Now what?" Now that I've climbed so far up that I can't even remember how I got up here, where do I go now? Things seem risky and dangerous, lots of unknowns...but the more you push yourself to go further you find yourself in a very special place Im finding. A place where not everyone is built to go and experience, that's one of the reasons why its so special. So marvel in the experience and take risks! I sure as hell am gonna have a lot of stories to share with my kids and grandkids. The best part of the story will be where I dared myself to go next!!

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